While living in Hawaii definitely has its perks (yes, yes paradise and all that), when it comes to seasons we’re in the shallow end of the dream pool.

One of my favorite ways of marking the seasons is the return of the whales.  Come November, not only is time to gear up for holiday fun, but my friends the Humpbacks return.

But another crowd favorite marker of the passing time on Maui is the blooming of the magnificent Jacaranda.


Jacaranda.  An exotic and sexy name.  Like Esmerelda or Scarlett.  Fitting for a tree that wakes Spring up by waving and shaking its full, hot-purple foliage at every passerby.

Jacarandas are smoking hot, but they are also serene.  They hold themselves like queens of the Nile.  Tall, grande, beneficent; shading all who gather under their wide-arms with an invitation to picnic on their purple carpets.

It just so happens that 2018’s Pantone Color of the Year is… Ultra-Violet.  Shrinking violets are a motif of the past.  Now courageous, bold, vibrant life and femininity is blossoming all around us.  And our voluptuous Jacaranda trees are leading the way.

So Happy Spring and Happy Ultra-Violet to us all!  May your season be hot purple!

♠  K.I.D.


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